SnowPup needs a squeeze! Carburetor Cleaning or adjustment?


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Question SnowPup needs a squeeze! Carburetor Cleaning or adjustment?

I've got a small engine I'm trying to get (and keep) running. Specifically, it's on a Toro SnowPup 21 though I suspect my problem could apply to many others, as well.

It doesn't always start easily but sometimes it does.
I'll get it running to a certain point (and it sounds pretty strong) but it will stall out unless I continue to squirt in a bit more fuel using the primer ball (bulb, button, whatever..) It will then continue to run a bit more, then slow and die unless I give another another little squeeze to the prime bulb/prime button, etc., etc. This happens just sitting at an idle not, as others describe, only when put to a load.

Obviously, the problem seems to be that it isn't getting a consistent flow of fuel; the question is why?

My hunch is the problem may be a matter of carburetor adjustment, primarily because I've been trying to "adjust it" without really knowing what I'm doing. There are three screw adjustments available —I assume air/fuel mix, idle speed fuel adjustment screw, high speed fuel adjustment— but I must admit I'm not certain which is which. I've been using "trial and error" (quarter turn, clockwise, another quarter turn, clockwise, now half turn, counter-clockwise, another half turn, counter-clockwise, etc..) sometimes seem to be making some progress then nothing.

Is there a proper adjustment sequence? If so, what is it?

...or does this sound more like a sticky float/dirty carb/gummed up jet, type issue requiring complete removal & cleaning?

Can anyone direct me to any available info, diagrams, etc or even assist in determining which screw controls what.

(For the record, I think most of the the obvious issues can be factored out. It's got a new plug, new gas, etc.)

Thanks for any help!
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It does sound like the carb needs to be cleaned. Yes, there are 3 screws. 1 adjusts the idle speed (opens the throttle plate) , 1 is the idle mixture screw, the other is the high speed mixture screw. Idle screw only has an affect up to about 1/4 throttle. High speed for above 1/4 throttle. You can go to, click on "homeowners parts", then type in your model number and see a parts brekdown.

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