tecumesh Snow king running poorly


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Question tecumesh Snow king running poorly

I have a Ariens 520 Model #939001 with a Tecumesh Snow King Engine.
Model # LH1955A
Spec# 67437V
Engine Family# 6TPXS 1951BF
Displacement 195cc
DOM# 06254CJ0262

The engine is an electric start and does start but seems like it running rich. It struggles at first but when it warms up it does work well, but it will backfire and the exhaust fumes are extremely strong.
I have checked and replaced the spark plug, fuel lines were drained and cleaned at the end of the season last year.
Not sure where else to go, it just does not seem to be running up to par.
Any info on what to check would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Johnny
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It is running rich. Dirt is clogging the main jet. Turn off the gas or if you dont have a shut-off valve you can either vise-grip the hose or drain the gas tank. Then remove the "nut" from the bottom of the carb float bowl. If you are careful, the bowl will stay in place. Take the "nut", which is the main jet and clean out BOTH holes that are on the side. The big hole is easy to see. The small hole is in the threads, 2-3 threads up from the hex head. This is the hole that causes most problems as it is no very visible. You may have to use a magnifying glass to find it. The easy way to clean it is to soak it in a carb cleaning soaking solution then blow it out with compressed air. If this is not available, then you will have to use a small (smaller than a paperclip) stiff wire to "dig" out the clogged hole.
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the little hole

I use a pair of pliers to pull a piece of wire from a wire brush. It always does the job. In the future always run the machine dry that always solves that problem. If you dont have a fuel shutoff, install one, it will be worth the trouble.
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Thanks for the advice guys, this is first on my list of things to do in the morning. i will post back with the results.
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There are several different bowl nuts(main jet) and can have from 0 to 4 holes, on some the hole at the top is almost invisible. I use the wire from a twist tie to clean it. Use the picture below for reference only as the are all different. Have a good one. Geo


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