Champion generator L5-30 question


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Champion generator L5-30 question


1st post! Great forum.

I have a Champion 41153 Generator (5500/6500w) with four outlets. 3 of which are fine.

The one that is causing me headaches is the the 3-prong 120v25A twist lock. It says "L5-30" on it and in the manual is described as a "receptacle L5-30R".

So I got a L5-30p male 3-prong plug (its a Cooper NEMA L5-30P) .. which according to Nema is what i need. Found the info here:
Plug and Receptacle Configurations

Well, it does not it! Its as if the "circle" formed by the three prongs of the L5-30p is too small; I can fit one in 1/2 way then the two others are not aligned correctly. I would have to bend two slight of the three to make it fit ; obviously not an option.

I have googled this extensively and have not found any answers. Visually, it looks like it will fit, but when I try to actually plug it in, its a no go!

any input is appreciated.

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Not sure how to delete my post!
Mods, feel free to delete.

Doh ... the part is actually an L5-20P and was sold in a sealed L5-30p bag. Bad luck I guess ...


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