Tecumseh Fuel Tank


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Tecumseh Fuel Tank

I got an old ice auger for free from my brother-in-law but it did not run and was missing a fuel tank. I've since got it running so I'd like to use it but cannot for the life of me find a fuel tank anywhere since Tecumseh's gone out of business.

The model-specification numbers for the engine is a Tecumseh TC200-2002B and I'm looking for part number 410267A. Anyone know any hidden dealers out there or another tank that may fit this engine with minor modifications? Or anyone have a used one they will part with?

I have a feeling I may have to get the JB Weld out.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Are they not the same tank as most lawnmowers?? I have an ice auger here & it looks like the same tank as my lawnmower just a different cap,, Does this help??? Roger
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Certified Parts Corp. in Jayneville, WI bought the remaining Tecumseh stock. You might want to shoot them an email.
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Thanks hopkinsr2, it does help I actually used an old lawnmower gas tank for feeding gas to the auger while trying to get it to work. I'd have to find another though as the one I used won't mount nicely to the auger head. It gives me a place to look if I can't find the actual part number I'm looking for.

Thanks indypower1, I'll give Certified Parts Corp a call and see if they may have what I'm looking for.

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