Need Help Please!


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Need Help Please!

We have an old kohler, think it's a 12 HP on a rotory blade golfcourse mower. Got it cheap and now I think I know why. It'll run great for awile, about 2 laps around the yard, but then just suddenly dies and won't restart. My pops says it has no compression but he's never put a gauge in it. also says the muffler was red hot right before it dies. If you let it sit for awile, couple of hrs at least, then the thing will fire right back up just to quit again after it's hot. We did put a new head gasket on it thinking that was the problem, was blown out at the exhaust valve, but didn't help.

I'm hoping that we're not the only ones to have this problem and and can steer me on the road to fixxing it. This mower is hugely impractical for the lawn he has but it is pretty fun trying not to run over moms trees with
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Try it with the gas cap loose.. It almost sound like it's running out of fuel... Check to make sure you have a good flow of fuel to the carb... The engine numbers would help the pros a lot... Roger
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Yes gas cap first. It could also be a bad coil. Coil heats up-looses connection- colls down- runs for a little while-heats up- shuts down.
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You've got to establish whether the problem is spark or fuel. What I'd do is run the thing until it quits. Remove lead from spark plug and attach it to a spare plug - any old working plug will do. Ground plug to engine and crank engine to see if you have spark at the plug. If you do, it's a fuel issue. If you don't, go back to the coil with a spare wire and redo test.
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Old Kohlers seldome have much go wrong with them. My guess is the coil or condensor. Have you replaced the points and condensor recently? Or could be the coil. I wouldn't worry about compreesion if it runs good for several minutes and then dies. If compression was bad, it wouldn't run at all.
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will look into your suggestions and let ya know what I come up with. Thanks for your input.
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I had the same problem every spring. I change the gas and it ran fine.

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