What generator to buy


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What generator to buy

Hello All:

I am looking to buy a generator. I am remodeling a house in the country and have no electricity (am also rewiring it). I will need a generator large enough to run my air compressor to use my nail gun. I will also need to run the well pump so i can get enough water to pour some concrete jobs on this place. what size should I get?

Thanks for the help,
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Check the electrical ratings on the well pump and on the air compressor. Both run by starting a motor. The rule of thumb to get a motor started is you require twice the pull of the unit while it is running.

For example if your well pump requires 7A to operate you will need 14A to get that motor started. 14A at 110v is 1540 watts. Now add up everything you plan to run all at the same time. For anything that has a motor - refrigerator, well pump, washing machine, etc - double the electrical value. Do not forget your lighting when your doing your calculations.


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