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Last Aug. I posted a topic about an electric mower that had shorted out and was told that it was probably the rectifier and it would be inexpensive to replace. I called Sears since this is a Craftsman lawnmower and they say the rectifier is not a part that is bought separate from the motor.To get the part I have to buy the whole motor which is $200. Is there another place to buy this part?
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Terry - I am going to move this thread to Small Engines, as that's really where it belongs. Check there for answers!

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I hate to butt in but this is a typical Sears tactic. Consider the engine you are dealing with and look to other suppliers for the parts you need.

Tom: What are your thoughts?


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Hi: Terry

I think Smokey hit the bulls eye on this one.
His advice is absolutely correct.

Check your yellow pages for the local electric motor repair dealer or shop. There any electric motor can either be fixed, rebuilt or replaced. Most often at a much lower cost then buying the exact same motor at Sears.

You shouldn't have any problem finding the part or parts your electric motor needs there. All else fails, a replacement motor can be found there or yours rebuilt.

Good Luck

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