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I bought a DeVILBISS generator because of the recent snow and ice storms here in North Carolina.Problem is when it gets below about 28 degrees it freezes up(the carburetor).I called 2 authorized service shops and one said it was adjusted too lean,the other sail to keep it in a more enclosed area for prevention of heat loss.I already have it in a shed that is open on one side.I was wondering if a gas additive would help or hurt?I'll take it in when the power comes back on but for now looking for temporary solution.IT is a 5250watt ,10 hp tecumseh engine.

Charlie R.
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I am certain that Tom will come in with some ideas. But, I had the same problem with a snowblower. My solution was to mix a can of Dri-Gas with a 5 gallon can of gasoline. The Dri-Gas breaks up the water and keeps the fuel system from freezing. In the absence of Dri-Gas, I have found the standard Injector Cleaners will suffice in this service. There isn't anything as frustrating as to have 15" of snow and the snow blower won't start!

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I agree it is frustrating.Thanks for your quick response.
Charlie R.
(still without power)
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Welcome to the world of machines like generators, snowblowers, tilers, pumps and many others that are rarly used.

<I make lots of money on these items simply caused by lack of useage.>

There is ONLY two ways to totally prevent the problem your now expierencing.

Fire it up and run it for at least 15 minutes monthly, needed it or not. This also helps prevent sludge from forming in the oil.

Store only small amounts of fuel and use a fuel stabilizer. This additive should also prevent icing up of the carb and fuel lines.

For the time being, flush the old fuel out and add fresh fuel. Remove the air filter and squirt a shot of quick start in the carb body and fire it up.

If it continues to run let it. If it dies out, try again. Try several times if needed.

If the motor fails to continue to run, it's too late. You will have to take the generator in for repairs. It most likely has gum and vanish in the carb caused by frozen water particles in the fuel and or stale fuel.

Good Luck,

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