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I'm trying to restart two older Toro lawnmowers. One is three years old and has not been run for two years. The other is 10+ years old and has not been run in 5? years. I thought I'd drain and refill the crankcases, squirt a little oil around the top of the piston, wait a couple of days then drain and refill fuel tank, replace the sparkplugs and see if they'd start! Any additional hints would be appreciated.
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What you said your going to do is correct.

A few other things will need to be done also.

The carbs will need to be cleaned out with carb cleaner and rebuild kits most likely installed.

The fuel filter in the line or in the fuel tank checked for sludge restrictions, etc.

The magneto and fly wheel should be de rusted if needed.

You may also need to deposit a few drops of oil in the spark plug hole before starting. Give the engine starter rope a few pulls before reinstalling the spark plug to distribute the oil.

If you find the engine won't start after several tries, it's okay to use some quick start.

Good Luck

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