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Now that Spring has finally arrived in the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, I find myself using my 2 cycle chainsaw. But, now knowing that it is unlikely that I will again be using it until this Fall, I don't know what to do with the more than a gallon of gasoline/oil mixture. My question is: Can I use this in my lawn tractor or pick up truck without harm to their engines? I used an 8 oz. bottle of oil in two gallons of gasoline. I need the gasoline can that I mixed it in for lawn mowing! Thanks, again for your assistance.

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I do not know of nor heard of or experienced any harm using the fresh leftover 2 cycle fuel mixture in a 4 cycle engine.

The 2 cycle oil is a lubricant only and will not cause any engine problems.

Another idea would be to buy a smaller gasoline container for the 2 cycle fuel and add a fuel stabilizer. However, personally I do not recommend this method for extended periods of time.

Storage tips:
Empty the fuel tank. Run the chainsaw engine dry. Remove the spark plug, add a teaspoon of oil into the spark plug hole. Pull the starter rope of few times, then reinstall the plug.

Good Luck

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Not a problem. I use only one can for my line trimmer and lawn mower. Long term usage requires more frequent combustion chamber cleaning but short term will not be a problem. Another option is to pour it in your car with a near full tank. The dilution will make the oil content a non-factor.


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Thanks for your replies. I thought once long ago, in a land far away, I had read that using this oil/gas mix wouldn't adversely affect my vehicle or 4 cycle engine. Just wanted to make sure. Can't always trust my memory.

Thanks again, and, I love this site!


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