Gas in my mower oil?


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When I checked the oil level in my lawn mower, a full cup of oil gushed out. It seemed thin and light colored. The oil is only 3 weeks old. Did gasoline get into my oil? How? What should I do about it? Thanks.
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Hi:Randy H

Gasoline in the oil is a possibility.
Since you didn't mention when you noticed this <right after a recent oil change or after the engine has been sitting unused for a long time, etc.> I'll make some assumptions here.

If you recently changed the oil, change the oil again. It's possible too much oil was added the first time. This time, accurately measure the amount of oil added with the mower level and try this again.

If the engine has been setting for a long period of time, the carb may overflow slightly and the fuel went into the combustion chamber, drained down into the crankcase.

Good Luck

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Gas in Oil

The same happened to my mower. Each morning I go to start to cut grass, the gas tank was empty. The float on the bottom of the carb sticks down allowing the gas to pass through the carb into the head then into the oil case.
The float & bowl probably just needs cleaned out or the float assembly may need replaced. Each time this happens, the oil will need changed before starting.
The way I resolve the problem, rather than putting more money & time in the mower was to put a cheap inline shutoff valve ($3.00) in line between the tank & the carb. Each time I finish cutting grass, rather than shutting off the key to stop the engine, I shut off the valve to let it starve the engine for gas. The next time I start the engine, I fires right up quickly.

Good Luck,


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