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For those that read my last message below:

The Sears tech. took the float apart, adjusted it and put it back together. He started it and it sounded a little rough, but he adjusted the rich/lean setting and it sounded better. That night I cut about an acre of grass and about half way through the engine started making the noise again. (throttled up and down excessively unless I slightly choke the engine)

Sears is coming back out today. I just heard from the Sears rep. on the phone and he said he's had another one do the same thing. They replaced the fuel pump and carb. to no avail. Now I'm getting nervous. I spent almost $3K to get a decent tractor and it sounds like it might be a lemon.

What gets me is that it's a Kohler engine. I have a cleaning business and all of our trucks run Kohlers without a problem.

Questions: What else could be wrong? Again, it's barely 3 weeks old and didn't do this when I first got it. It is exposed to rain at times, (although I do keep the gas cap on tight, obviously) is it possible there's water in the line? Would water in the line cause this to happen? I'm grasping for straws!

Thanks again to all who reply.

Scott F. Rendall
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Thanks for posting an update. I do like these follow ups <and I am sure other do also> so thanks.

What it may be is the governor linkage binding up. Have the rep check it for free movement.

However, I would suspect the carb is still the cause. Most likely has a plugger or restricted port somewhere in the venturi barrel.

Another place for the rep to check. There may be some sediment in the fuel line, tank or filter.

Check the vent cap on the fuel tank too. If the air vent is plugged or restricted, the fuel tank will pull a vacumn and restrict the flow of fuel. This takes some time to happen and may also be the cause or part of the cause the engine runs fine for a while then acts up.

Repost the next episode. Be here anxiously waiting for the next report.

Good Luck

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