Tecumseh 10 hp problems


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I am having trouble starting my riding lawn mower. If I use the choke it will not start. If I increase the speed too much it stalls. There is blue spark at the plug. The last time it was running properly, it ran out of gas which probably let gunk into the carb. I changed the fuel filter & cleaned out the carb bowl. What are the basic adjustment settings for the mixture screw & idle screw? It idles ok but quits after 3-5 minutes. The air filter holder collects a large amount of oil, is this normal?
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The basic carb adjustments are about 1 turn out for the low speed screw and 1 and a 1/2 turns out for the high speed. This should get the engine running.

Most settings for low speed are around 1 to 1 and 1/4 and 1 and 1/2 to 1 and 3/4 turns out for high speed.

If the engine stumbles or stalls upon exceleration the engine is fuel starved. If it will not run well once set, the carb still has something plugging up the ports.

Since it ran out of fuel, your most likely correct. GUNK found it's way into the carb.

Try a total flush of the fuel system, clean the carb again, replace the filter, flush the tank, etc.

Clean the whole carb with spray carb cleaner. Every place should be sprayed and ALL ports <HOLES> need to be cleaned out. Look closely. The ports are very tiny.

Use EYE protection while spraying carb cleaner!

Reassemble everything, make the first carb adjustments, get the engine running and adjust the high and low screws as needed.

The LOW speed screw should be adjust OUT until the engine puffs out some black smoke and appears to be getting too much fuel. Turn the screw in slughly.

Next do the HIGH speed screw with the engine running fast. Turn the HIGH speed screw outwards until the engine puffs black smoke or begins to run rich. The back the screw in about 1/4 turn.

Once the engine is adjust correctly, going from idle to full throttle the engine will not die, bog down, hesitate, etc.

Good Luck

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