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My string trimmer drips fuel. Last year it would run, but rough and bogged down very easily unless I really finessed the throttle. A few weeks ago I took it apart to clean it up. The cracked fuel line I found apparently is not the leak today and now I can't get the thing to start at all. The plug looks good and the fuel is fresh. Any suggestions?
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Question?: Where is the fuel leaking from?
The carb?
The tank?
A fuel line seal?

To attempt to start the engine, remove the fuel line at the carb and be sure fuel flows first. Then prime the engine with a few drops of fuel in the spark plug hole and see if it starts.

Reply back if you need further assistance.

Good Luck,
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Yukon -

I had a rough running string trimmer some time back. I bought it second-hand from a garage sale. It started briefly and I kept having to fool around with the throttle adjustments to keep it running. It almost always conked out under a load.

I took the carb. apart, rebuilt it, but I couldn't get it to start. I checked the plug for spark and I must have jarred something loose because it wouldn't spark. I replaced the spark plug and wire and put it back together. It ran rough again, but at least it started.

I finally took the whole thing apart and noticed the doggone muffler screen was caked almost solid with carbon deposits. I scrubbed it off with a wire brush, put it together and it purred like a kitten.

While this may not cure your fuel leak, it could be that you have more than 1 problem like I did.

I later found out that improper fuel adjustments make the carbon build up very quickly on the muffler screen. My brother had a similar prob. and sure enough, his screen was clogged too.

Hope this helps!


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