briggs and straton lawn mower runs rich.


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this lawn mower fouls the spark plug after about one half hour of running. It runs a little rough and the fuel tank needs to be almost full for it to run. Also i need to use starting fuild to get it to run. The problem it has a carb. on it that has no adjustments. What do i do?
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Lots of questions need to be answered here before I can tell you what is wrong.

What type of carb does it have?
If it's a bowl type, it does have carb screws somewhere on it. Unless they are missing???

If it's a diaphram type carb, it also has adjustment screws.

What type on engine is it? What brand?

Is the carb the orginal? Has it been rebuilt? Tampered with?

Tips and Hints:
If the engine runs as rough as you discribe, check the air filter. A restricted air filter will cause an engine to run too rich.

Remove the filter and check it then.

If you have to prime the engine first to get it started, it could also be the float stuck. In the case of a diaphram carb, it could be the needle is stuck in the open position.

Be happy to offer you more help if you could offer more information.

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