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I can't get my trimmer to start. I've never really used it before and I'm not an expert about these things, but it seems to have an unusual starting procedure in that you are supposed to pull-start it on full choke until it belches, then flip to partial choke to actually start the engine. However, just getting it to belch on full choke is darned near impossible, but even on the rare occasions when it does belch I cannot get it to fire, regardless of the choke setting. I've fooled endlessly with the choke and primer and changed the gas, spark plug, and air filter. And, of course, I've practically pulled my arm off trying to start it. Any ideas what else I might try to get this #%^[email protected]! thing going?
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Does sound like you have done everything to get the $#[email protected]#! to start EXCEPT a carb overhaul. Which is exactly what it needs.

Overhauling a diaphram carb is far too tricky for me to type every detail here. However, if your handy, remove it, clear the work bench, lay down a clean white shop cloth, use a small clean bowl to put the removed parts in and begin taking that $#%$#@! small carb with tiny pieces apart.

Remember exactly how it came apart. Clean everything using automotive spray carb cleaner. Be sure to clear every tiny port<HOLE> visable. Then reassemble with new parts from the carb overhaul kit you can buy from your local lawn mower shop, attach to trimmer as found and have at it.

Oh Yeah! Basic idle screw setting is 3/4 turns out and high speed screw about 1 and 1/2 and go from there.

All else fails, leave the trimmer at the local mower repair shop for this repair.

Good Luck,
Small Engine Service and Repair Technician
Accurate Power Equipment Company.
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Thanks for the help. Is it possible to use the carb cleaner without taking apart the engine. I'm NOT a mechanic and would frankly be concerned about having parts left over when I put it back together.


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