Throttle pin on Huskee 16.5 ridng mower


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Throttle pin on Huskee 16.5 ridng mower

I was mowing just fine, engine sped up, no control over throttle, cable was moving, shut it down started back up same results, shut it down won't start back up, was told it locked up or throttle pin messed up, where and what is the throttle
pin? Could it have locked up? Dumbfounded. thanks
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When you say the engine sped up,, Do you mean over governor speed??? What is on it for an engine?? Has there been any recient repairs to the carb / govenor latley??? I'll bet if you post the engine make & the engine numbers, the pros will help you out soon.... Roger
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yes the engine began to race. I thought that it was going to blow up HA!! I quickly began to move the throttle cable down to turtle I had no control, even when I moved it up and down. I turned the key off and shut it down looked to see if the cable was connected, it appeared to be. I started it back up it went instantly back into warp speed, I turned it off again and moved the throttle cable by hand, checked oil level
wasn't full but, about half, went to turn it on again and it made a clunk sound not a
clickey like a battery would make. there has no carb work done that I am aware of
it ran great for the two years I had it, It is a work horse for as little as it is and as much
as I need to mow. It is a Huskee 16.5 HD. 42in. Mod#1366693G131, has other numbers
like 44-9611-4 the owner manual says MTD Yard Mach. and doesn't really explain much/or show much... Thank you for your input..... Mike

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It oversped, was low on oil, and now it makes a clunk sound when you try to start? That doesn't sound promising. Can you turn the engine by hand?

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