B&S 12HP I/C Screams


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I have a B&S 12HP IC on my Simplicity Mower.

With the clutch depressed (hydrostatic transmission), the engine makes "normal" engine noises. However, when engaged, there seems to be some screaming that sounds like it is eminating from the drive shaft area.

Is there some lubrication point I may have missed, could this be a bearing that is about to seize or am I just hearing things?

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Hi:Alabama Dave

I doubt you missed any place needing oil or grease. However, do recheck the hydraulic oil level per the owners manual. That fluid also lubes the pump which may be the cause of the noise.

Check that driveline, if you have any doubts about an area missed while doing maintenance. Another area to check is possibly any belts or pulleys and any bearings they may run on.

Check for loose pulleys. Most have a keyway and a set screw holding them in place. A lose one will cause the noise you hear.

You may also want to remove any other items/parts that turn/run while the mower is going and see if the noise is gone. Lots of possibities that sometimes can take time to isolate a noise.

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