Lawn Tractor deck problem


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Sears lawn tractor 10HP '75 model 36" deck
2 blade deck. When cutting grass one side of deck leaves a 3" inch wide un cut strip.
I had blades sharpened 2x's. This problem started after 2 lawn cuttings from the first sharpening. Took it back and resharpened. It is still happening. Have I gained too much wait on one side? lol!
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Sounds to me like you need to replace those old blades with new ones. Good Luck!
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I highly doubt it has anything to do with the blade sharpening.

Have you installed both blades correctly?
Are both quills correctly installed and adjusted? Are both blades the same length?

These are about the only things I could think of off hand. Puzzler??? Unless you got a flat tire on one side?...hahaha

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I tried to reply but got pulled away twice.
One idea is, on the side that is coming up short the blade is upside down... Check the blade if it is upside down it would be trying to cut on the backside of the blade making the backside shiny and possibly worn where the grass is hitting the flat part instead of the sharp part of the blade...

Another idea, It may just be wishful thinking on your part, I do it all the time... Leave a small strip and wonder how I came up short, feeling like the blades cut should be bigger as I come back around to finish the cut... I think this for myself is a cry for a bigger tractor with a bigger cut... I have a rather large yard in Florida and mowing the grass isn't always fun...

Next time you mow try this...
After a few feet on the first strip, shut down everything and measure the width of the cut the tractor left in the grass... Then without removing anything measure the length of one of the blades and from center bolt to center bolt of each blade... Lets say the blade length was 28" and center to center was 14" your cut should be 42". If this measures up to the cut in the grass then all is okay...
Have a good one,

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