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I have a 14hp ohv briggs & statton engine with my Lowe's 42" cut lawn tractor. had it for about 7 yrs. after cutting a 3/4 acre lot about 4 times it burns a quart of oil? is it time for a new tractor or can it be repaired?

know of any web sites that sell parts on line for these tractors?
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I've got to ask a couple of questions.Is the engine smoking from the exhaust?It would just about have to be if you don't have a leak.Have you ruled out a leak such a bottom engine seal that may only drip a small amount while parked and may be pouring while running.
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You mentioned it's BURNING the oil. In that case, check the crankcase breather filter.

It's a rectangle part on the side if the engine case held in place with two small screws. Outside air is drawn into this filter.

Inside of this part is a filter. Verify if it's clean. If not sure, clean the whole assembly with automotive carb spray cleaner.

Should this part be restricted, the engine will suck up some oil from the crankcase and burn it.

Use CAUTION when removing this part. Do not damage the gasket. Use a small amount of oil or grease to hold the gasket in place during reassembly, if needed.

It's a good idea to apply some oil or grease to any reused gasket, 'O' ring or seal to ensure a good seal. This will help to avoid dirt or dust entering behind any part that uses a gasket, 'O' ring or seal.

Another location to check is the hose attached to the carb where the crankcase fumes get drawn into the carb. If this part is clogged or restricted, oil could be sucked into the engine and burned.

These parts are part of the crankcase ventilation system and need to be service if the machine is older or used in a dusty environment.

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