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Hello and thanks for the help on my first post. I am having a difficult time remembering what choke position means what.
The directions on my gas trimmer say to move the choke lever to "Choke" and pull 4 times then move the lever to "START" and pull 4 times and the motor should run. Then it says after the engine is running for 10 seconds, move the lever to "RUN" and do your trimming.
The only thing that I can tell is that the choke is either all the way open, all the way closed, or half way open. Does anyone know which one of these would coorespond to CHOKE, START and RUN? Thanks
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Remove the air filter. Look into the carb and you'll see a plate which moves as you move the lever.

Choke means that plate is fully closed.
This richens the fuel mixture for starting.

Start means that choke plate will be partially opened to allow some air in to start the engine.

Run means that plate should be opened fully to allow the engine to draw in all the air it needs.

As you proceed through these steps, note the postoin of the lever. This way you'll know which position the choke plate is in and it's corresponding lever position.

Hope this rather brief and quick explanation helps. Have to type quickly here and reply briefly before the web sites browser times me out and everything gets deleted.

Good Luck,

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Hey Tom_Bartco, Just wanted to let you know that I have been pasting posts to Wordpad, NotePad or Word for some time now so I can work them without fear of timing out. It has helped to know that when I submit a reply that if it doesn't go I can copy from where I have it and resubmit with out retyping. I suppose this problem is new around here?in that I have two isp's and I'm timing out on both whereas this didn't used to be the case......Mike
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Thanks for posting the tip. I also do that in note pad using windows '98.

What I have noticed is I can use the back arrow key if the post fails.

However, if the time limit of 12 minutes is exceeded, POOF! everything gets deleted.

Oftens times it just isn't possible to fully explain a solution to a question in 12 minutes or less. That's were note pad and the copy paste feature comes in handy.

The web site administrator is aware of this problem and a correction is in the works.

Smokey was correct..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Or was that fix it until it is broke? <hahahaha> :-)

Whichever it is, someone has managed to break it and now they are seeking a solution...hahaha.


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