Toro snow blower traction drive

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Toro snow blower traction drive

Good Evening,
I have a 1979 Toro 524 model # 38040 ser. # 900163 it was bought new by my father & when he passed away it became mine.
The only thing up until now I had to do to her was back in 2001 the engine went so I put on her a new Briggs & Stratton 7.5 hp intek snow.
The other night I was doing the drive as I work 3rd shift & all of a sudden the engine just stopped the problem was one of the chains came off & got jammed in the impeller after about a half hour I got it out & she started right back up & I finished the drive.
The next day I found the reason was the original tire was flat not being able to get the wheel off I tried a tube but the tire was so bad the tube came out between the wheel & tire.
So I bought a used axle of ebay new wheels & tires & bearings after cutting the old one out I put the other in along with the tires wheels & bearings.
What I also noticed was the rubber drive wheel almost touching the front pulley so I adjusted it per the owners manual so that it was equal distance between the front pulley & rear friction disc.
When I started her up & put her in forward she did not move looking at it the rubber drive wheel did not even come close to touching the front pulley. So I put it back to where it was thinking the rubber drive wheel must be worn.
Now when I put her in forward (3 forward positions 2 reverse) she crawls in forward & our driveway is a hill. I even tried adjusting it out more on the front pulley but that did nothing.
I don't understand why since she ran great that night after I got the chain out & still had to do half the drive now she is just creeping or at best going very slow in forward?.
I was told on another forum that my shear pins should have broke & this is true I agree but having that big drum is a pain to get to them they think this is my problem.
I don't get this as if they were broke my auger would not be turning but it is turning fine I know I need to change the belt but I don't see what this has to do with it not running or moving up to speed?.
Even with the auger off it still moves slower than it did before I did the work but as I said I put the rubber drive wheel back to where it was. Even if the shear pins or what ever Toro calls them broke & are so rusted that they stayed in there why that night it ran fine?. Not only that but the other day we had wet heavy snow & the auger threw it out nice.
So to sum it up could it be the shear pins would they affect the speed of the snow blower? I don't understand this I think it has something to do with the transmission or traction drive what ever it is called.
Can anyone please give me an idea as to what they think it could be? I want to take her out of the barn tomorrow as it is -7 here & bring her in the garage & look at her.
I will check the shear pins but I just can't believe they would cause this problem as even with no load in the garage she is moving slow.
Thank you for your time in reading this & any help would be great.
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First of all let me start by saying that a flat tire would not cause the chain to come off. Axle bearings/bushing being worn caused that problem. Shear pins have nothing to do with the wheel drive. They are auger only. And yes, the Toro drums can be a bear to get to the shear pins. I always said the engineer who came up with that otts be shot!!
The rubber drive wheel should have very little clearance, maybe 1/8".
I think that while playing with the disc, you may have moved the disc sideways on the shaft.
The way it works is the metal or pulley is attached directly to the engine. So it it spinning when the engine is running. Squeeze the lever on the handlebars and that pulls the rubber drive disc to the spinning metal disc. To get different speeds, the rubber disc is slid sideways towards the outside of the metal disc for faster speeds, closer to the middle for slower speeds and to the other side of the center for reverse.

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