shear pins BROKEN!


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shear pins BROKEN!

Good Morning,
Well I got the belts done but it's not as easy as the manual said! as I had to loosen one side of the snow thrower to get the traction drive belt off due to the rod that controls the front tensioner there is not enough clearance to get the belt off the rear pulley or I'm more stupid than I even think I am!. then to make it even more fun the Toro place (half hour drive) did not have the belts but Thank God Napa did she even matched the numbers I gave her.
Then putting the belts back on was fun NOT the push nut decided on flying off I guess that is the only piece that is not rusted on her so I had to get a new one of those & the spring that is hooked to the front tensioner came off that was fun to put back on I had to make a tool to do that well at least grind down one of my broken Mac gasket scrapers (so much for returning it! LOL)
I have not tried her yet as I needed to get at least two hours sleep before going into work good old 3rd shift. So today I'm going to give her a go. I do know one thing the traction belt sure looks like it was stretched but I'm not that optimistic.
Having said all this I checked the shear pins & one is broke as I see the head but no bolt & think the other might be broke to Thank God for rust well at least I can use her as we are getting dumped on cause I doubt if the Toro place will have them but at least today the John Deere place is open & they stock a lot of Toro parts but in the meantime I'm going to order some online. The only other thing I want to do to her but after she has run for a while is change the auger gear box oil I think the last time I did that is about ten years ago!. I have come to the conclusion I put way to much money & time in my rides & need to take better care of these things.
Anyway I'll see what happens today if this did it & if not look for her tonight on ebay Hey it has a new engine wheels tires bearings I should get all of ten bucks for her!.
Thank you all!
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Rusty Pins Can be a Problem

Hi Will,

Hope you have better luck than I had a few years back. I had a 15 year old snow blower with a couple of broken pins. The blower blades were only spinning on one side.

No problem ... I thought. How hard can it be to replace shear pins. Well usually this is a snap, but in my case the sheared pins had rusted and almost welded themselves to the opening. I tried for hours to get them out and finally did (had to drill them out), but nothing is ever as simple as it should be.

Best of luck !!!

... Doug (the Mailbox Post guy)

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