five horse briggs


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five horse briggs gas starved

I bought a used tiller last weekend and when i got it home and tried to start it it flooded gas from the carb and muffler. I replaced the diaphram gasket on the side of the carb (old one was torn.) and the gasket between gas tank and carb. now the engine is gas starved. I checked the tube feeding fuel from the tank and its clear. the engine will run with starting fluid.
could it be the breather tube grommet is cracked?and what is trueing the gas tank. Thanks

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Hi Jaybrd219,
Since no one has responded I will try to ask a few questions which might help.
When you replaced the gaskets did you clean the carb?
Is the tank clean?
Also you might want to check the fuel mixture screw to see if it is not turned to far in. Out 3 to 3.5 turns to start from fully closed is a good place usually.
Could you give model number of engine. It seems to me it would be the standard horizontal shaft 5hp briggs.
I am not sure the term "trueing the tank" but it might mean making sure where the carb sits on tank should be flat and clean, just a guess.
Does the plug get wet when trying to start? Is the fuel fresh?

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