Homemade flamethrower to quickly melt snow


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Homemade flamethrower to quickly melt snow

Big storm hit the DC area and more tonight/tomorrow.

Spent the weekend shoveling the driveway and pushing people's cars that were stuck in front of my house

My back hurts

Has anyone been able to gin up a homemade flamethrower that can be used to quickly melt away snow and ice?

I'll take my chances with the county, it's not like they're in operation during this kind of weather anyway

This may seem silly but I can't believe I'm the only one who wants this.

Any ideas?
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They sell a brush burner that attaches to a propane tank.
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Your name's not really "Tim Taylor" is it, Michael? Think I saw this on Tool Time.
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If you get that sucker to work, send a couple to I-O-W-A!!!
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Homemade flamethrower to quickly melt snow

What are you going to do with the water if it is cold enough to freeze until it gets to a sewer?

Your local municipality might not be too kind if you make the job tougher for them to clean up and also cause a safety problem.

A cheap, small 2 stage snow blower can handle a lot of snow if you are patient and do not try to do it in one pass. I recognize you cannot buy one in your area now.

You get some nasty snow that is heavy, compared to the kind we usually get, but get one wet storm a year here it seems. Avoid packing the snow in your driveway by walking on it or driving since that also makes things more difficult, especially if it freezes.

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I agree with Dick, your best bit is to shovel the snow then you can use a propane tourche to melt and vaporise the ice. This way you will not have to deal with all the melt water.
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If your interested in a little proof of concept... try waving a propane torch or hairdryer set on high at a loosely packed snowball and see how fast you can make it go away.

But as far as the old fashioned method goes, try using a back support brace and wear some good work boots to keep your feet dry and warm. Cutting out the aggravation of pain and discomfort is half the battle.

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