Honda HS50 auger belt?


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Honda HS50 auger belt?

Hi, my first post here. Digging out from "snowmageddon"

The auger stopped spinnner on my HS50 snowblower. At first I suspected the shear bolts but noticed that there is almost no resistance when I push down on the auger engagement lever. I verified that the control cable is not broken but that's all I can see without dissasembly. Also, the auger does not spin freely, so I guess that means the bolts are intact.

I have a .pdf of the owner's manual (not the service manual) and it mentions a V-belt, but then goes on to say:

"These items should be serviced by an authorized Honda dealer, unless the owner has the proper tools and is mechanically proficient. See the Honda Shop Manual for service information"

I haven't been able to find a viewable version on the manual online, so does anyone know what/where I need to start the disasembly process to get at the belt?
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Ok, I went back out in the cold and just started tearing into it. Turns out it's surprisingly easy. Remove 4 bolts, cover comes off, there's the belts.

Now I just need to find another belt.

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