snow thrower not sparking


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snow thrower not sparking

Hey everyone. I just bought a very used jacobsen model # 52003 snow blower. Changed fuel to fresh, tried to start. Can smell fuel, but when checked spark plug, no spark. Tried sparking against case,no spark, Even stuck in finger to try to get jolt, nothing. I did not change to new plug prior, but plug looked good. Seems to not be getting spark from plug wire to plug itself. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

P.S. Does anyone know where to find a service manual site to download manual. thanks

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I did a search for your model number but came up empty, is there any other info you could provide. How old is the unit, what engine?
check kill switch, points/condenser?

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First disconnect the kill wire and try it. If nada pull the engine shroud and see if you have two wires coming off the coil or one.

If two, pull the flywheel and check the points. Unless they look new replace them along with a condenser.

If one wire and no spark with the kill disconnected pull the coil, clean the mount and set the gap to flywheel to .010 (business card thickness).

If still no spark = bad coil/module.

All said, it's probably a problem with a set of points - that's a high percentage problem area.
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not sure what year, owner did not know,was given to him. Do have original owners and parts manuals with model #052003 and serial #12903. I can not find any info on this machine, but will try all advice. thanks
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Look in your parts manual behind flywheel and see if it lists points and condenser. May be listed as 'contact points". If so this most likely your problem if you have eliminated all kill switches
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How would I shut off engine if I disconnect kill switch? Pull plug cap, throttle???

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