Spinning sound, Husqvarna 10530SBE snowblower won't start


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Spinning sound, Husqvarna 10530SBE snowblower won't start


I dropped off my 2 1/2 year old snowblower (used about 4-5 times max) for repair last week. It was hard to start this winter for the first time. I had changed the oil etc. It took several tries with the electric start (normally it starts right away), started running rough, then stalled. When I tried to restart it would make a loud metal grinding, ganking noise, so I immediately stopped trying to start it with the electric start. I tried the pull cord but it wouldn't budge. I thought the engine had seized or something fearing the worst. I took it in for service under the warranty which was just about the expire (whew!) and believe they said the (flywheel?- not sure) was stuck up against something and there was also a little ice build up on some of the belts/pull cord (probably got a little wet and froze, i had it outside under a cover). They said they fixed it all up, and I took it home. I started it at home and it started up like a champ and ran for a bit no problem, so I shut it off figuring everything was ok for the next snowfall.

I started up my snowblower for the first time after the repair this morning (I got it back 1 1/2 weeks ago). It started up immediately, warmed up, sounded fine, etc. it has fresh oil, plug, etc. I had kept it in my garage since l got it back.

I started blowing my driveway. It was working fine on the first swipe of my long driveway. i was thrilled to have it working like a champ again!

Then about 3/4 of the way up my long driveway going uphill, the engine and drive came to an abrupt stop out of nowhere (not like a stall, like it got jammed up something). I didn't hit anything or whatever and it was just light fluffy snow. It rolled back down my driveway all the way to my garage without holding the "wheel release" buttons that I normally have to hold in order to roll it around when it is not on or in "drive mode" which i thought was odd. I plugged it in, tried the electric start…now all it does is make a "spinning" noise followed by a slight metal rattling sound without trying to turn over the engine or anything. The pull cord seems hard to pull again as well.

Any ideas what could be wrong with it this time?
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Bring it back to them. Sounds like qwhen the took off the flywheel, they dropped the key and didn't notice it gone.

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