Stihl 018 chainsaw stalling


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Stihl 018 chainsaw stalling

I have a Stihl 018 chainsaw that runs at idle but stalls at full throttle. Air filter is clean, spark arrestor is clean and replaced the spark plug. Nothing has helped. Saw is maybe 10 years old but does have a lot of hours on it. Need help.
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Try opening the HI jet an 1/8 turn or so & try it.. If that doesen't help I'm thinking it's time for a complete carb kit (with the diaghragms ) as age is the killer on these.. They get stiff & won't pump or meter the fuel properly as they are too stiff to move when needed to pump fuel or work the needle valve... Also have a very close look @ the fuel lines when you have it apart as they can get stiff & crack... Roger
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First thing is cheapest and easiest--Dump gass and install fresh. Don't start asdjusting the carburetor, all you are doing is trying to overide a problem. Clean the carburetor.
I have worked on small engines for many years and I have chainsaws and blowers that are twenty years old and have never re-adjusted the carb. After cleaning-- return the carb to the same setting as before.
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Sorry Giles,, I thought he maybe could open up the blocked passage thru the carb with only 1/8 turn on the needle.. It's even cheaper than dumping out possibly good fuel he just mixed for it.. (I didn't see him telling us either way??) If you only clean a carb without replacing the rest of the kit after 20 years & it works for you, there must be better fuel in your area than I get here...In my 30 years I found that the diaghraghams get stiff & wont work as designed & I replace the entire kit to fix them proprely,, but I learn lots of new stuff every day..LOL... Roger
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I have opened mixture screws a bit to allow whatever trash to pass through, then reset them with occasional success. I don't usually trust whatever setting the carb was at when it came to me because often someone has already tampered with the screws. Best to set it to run optimally and save fuel and your equipment.

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