Tecumseh snowblower won't start


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Tecumseh snowblower won't start

Hi, I have a 8hp Tecumseh snowblower that won't start. The blower has been sitting for over a year and it had old gas still in it. So i drained the gas out of the tank put fresh gas in and cleaned out the fuel line.
It has spark because I have taken the spark plug out and grounded it and saw a blue spark shoot across the electrode. Now when I try to start it with the electric starter it cranks and cranks but does not turn over. After I crank the engine I take the spark plug out and the spark plug is really dry. So Im assuming it is the carburetor. The carburetor is getting fuel because the fuel bowl does have gas in it.

Im assuming the carburetor is dirty and the it either needs to be cleaned/rebuilt??? Also if I crank the engine a few times using the electric starter should the spark plug have gasoline on it? Thanks for your help.
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Try this first.

Take all the old gas out and drain the carburetor bowl. Get a can of Seafoam from Walmart or an auto parts store and put four ounces in a half gallon of gas. Put that in the tank and let it sit for half an hour. Then put a teaspoon of gas in the spark plug hole and try to start it with half throttle/half choke. It may take off and run for you.

If it does, let it run for about fifteen minutes, then fill the tank to full with just gas.
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First remove the spark plug and pour about 1 oz of gas down the hole. Install the plug and try it. If it runs for a second or 2, then your carb needs to be taken a part and cleaned. It has been sitting for more than a year and the inside of the carb is gummed up with varnish. You will need to saok the carb in a carb cleaning solutoin for a couple of hours. Then install a new carb kit. Yes gas is getting to the carb, but not getting thru it.

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