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Hello and Help,
I have purchased a used Ultra Murray Tractor/Lawn Mower.
it has a Briggs & Stratton 19 HP I/C Twin Engine,
Engine numbers are as follows,
Code # 9506235A
Model # 42A707
Type # 165201
I think according to the code # the engine is a 1995 year model,
but that doesn't mean the tractor is 1995.
I've been looking for a parts diagram and everyone ask for Tractor model number when searching.
The problem is where the tag with model number on it,
there is only glue left, so I have no idea what model it is.
It has 5 forward speeds and 1 reverse, Shift On The Go.
It has 23x9.50.12 tires on rear.
It is a 46 inch cut.
I need to find a parts diagram.
Thanks in Advance
Floyd aka: cattdad
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Just A Guess

My best guess is 46378X6A. Can you look for the model tag on the transmission should be a peerless 820.

EDIT The quick references shows tne trans as an 820 the parts breakdown shows 930-048


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Checking axle nembers tomorrow

A big Thank You,
I won't get to check axle number until tomorrow.
I did Google the model number you sent me and it looks correct.
I'll get back at it tomorrow and let you know what I find.
Thanks in advance Floyd
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Ultra Murray Model Number

Hello AJ,
I've checked the tag on the trans-axle and it is a Peerless model number 920.
I have located the diagram I needed.
This has resolved my problems, and I want to thank you again
for your help.
Thanks again,
and Have a Great Day

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