Best battery powered weed eater


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Best battery powered weed eater

I need to buy a new weed eater/edger for this summers trimming. I want to get away from electric and gas trimmers. Any suggestions, experience on a reliable battery powered trimmer for the usual trimming and edging for my yard?? Thanks
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How about a propane powered trimmer? Yeah, kind of expensive, but quiet, very low maintenance, clean running, no mixing of gas/oil, no real winterization needed.

The problem I see with the battery operated ones is...either they have an integral battery that will be a pain and cost quite a bit to replace..or they have removeable batteries that are also expensive. Also..what about the 4 months (or more) a year when its not needed? That will really hurt NiCads or NiMh cells unless you discharge and recharge them during that time.

I see the Ryobi Li kit is about $150 or so + shipping..depending on where you buy..that includes a battery and charger. The battery and charger alone will run about $80 or more I think...
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One of my stepsons [at his mother's urging] bought a battery powered weed eater from sears. It didn't quite hold enough charge to do all his weed eating. Between him not using it as often as he should and it laying dormant all winter - it only took 2 yrs for the battery to go south........ so I'm back to bringing my gas weed eater over there about once month to tidy things up for him.

I don't know how much a replacement battery would cost but it never really was up to the job. Might be ok for a small lot.
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black and decker has a line of garden tools - blower, edger/trimmer, and hedge clipper, that all use the same battery.

I have the B&D trimmer and blower. The trimmer has enough juice to do my yard (85x125). Trim the tight space, edge along the beds, driveway, sidewalks, etc ...

The blower should only be used for clean ups on hard surfaces, its not intended to clean up a yard full of leaves. Its either on or off, and when on it only lasts about 15-20 minutes but that's enough for me to get the sidewalks and driveway clear of any clippings as well as clearing off the deck.

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