Troy-bilt tiller question


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Question Troy-bilt tiller question


I have a 6hp Troy-bilt rear-tine tiller that is probably about 40 years old.

My dad bought it new.

It's been sitting in storage for about 5 or 6 years, untouched.

I just managed to get it running.

I flushed the fuel system, and shot carb cleaner in the carb and the fuel inlet.

I did NOT pull the carb off the motor.

My question is this:

While idling and when I "blip" the throttle, it smokes.

It's not using oil.

I was wondering if the gum and varnish that is certainly in the carb would cause the smoke.

I shut it down and then restarted it about twenty minutes later and it didn't smoke as much.

Any thoughts, friends?
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What color smoke? If black, then it's unburned fuel and a small amount isn't much concern if it only shows up for a second upon throttle-up. If it's bluish grey, it's oil, and that could be partially from sitting up. It may reduce or disappear as the engine warms up, the rings loosen up and things get worked in again. If it continues, it's probably rings worn, and wouldn't be a major concern unless it is excessive.
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Gotta remember that these engines work in the worst environment possible, literally in a cloud of dust and dirt. 40 years old minus 6 years in storage means 34 years of use. It's earned the right to smoke a little bit, especially being a Tecumseh. Keep a close eye on the oil level when in use and it will probably run fine for many years. But let it run low on oil, be prepared to get a new motor.

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