Honda EM2200 generator won't start


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Honda EM2200 generator won't start

Hi, this is my first time posting here so may as well jump right in. My field is automotive drivetrains (transmissions, 4-wd etc.).

I have the toughest time getting any info on small engines so hope someone can help me with my problem.

My Father-in-law gave me this older 1981 model Honda EM2200model generator. The motor is a GE 200 model (Honda of course) He told me nothing other than maybe it needed new gas. I can't get a decent spark out of it. It has a capacitive discharge ignition. I disconnected the coil and hooked up a SnapOn Vantage meter to the triggering mechanism on the crankshaft and got a nice looking A/C waveform at about 45-50 Volts when I cranked her over. My suspicion is leaning towards the igniter/coil unit itself but wanted to know if it is possible to check one of these in any way or if the voltage level and waveform I was seeing is normal. In short, I have a very weak spark or sometimes none at all with several new sparkplugs and not much coming thru the coil wire for that matter. Other than that, I don't hve a clue as to what to do next.
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Sounds like it is the coil or the lead itself. Try cranking it in darkness and see if lead is arcing anywhere. Maybe someone on this list know what the impedence of the secondary should be. I don't.

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