log splitter isnt working right


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log splitter isnt working right

i just bought a heavy duty 26 ton log splitter from a guy. no brand name but a teschmuh (however you spell it) engine. I bought it about 2 months ago and began using it right away. work fine and split logs great. but the other day i took it cross town to where i had to split some more logs. it was about 5 or 6 miles being towed on my truck. i set it up, started it right up, and pulled the lever to start splitting the log and im guessing it is hydrolic fluid shot out of a drainage pipe on the frame and the cylinder was running slowly pretty much which ever way i move the lever, forward or back, hydro fluid shoots out. i decided to seek some help and havent used it since. i dont know much about the hydrolic stuff so i didnt want to fool around with it and mess it up more. if anyone can help that be great.
thanks, Tony
here are some pics

[email protected]

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I can't see your pics, but I am guessing that you have a hose or a fitting that's got a crack in it. You are going to have to do a good visual inspection of all the hoses and fittings to see what's leaking
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You need to include the URL for you picture not your Email address.


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