Alternator on Kohler M-18?


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Alternator on Kohler M-18?

I have an old Craftsman 917.255950 that I just love. It has a Kohler M-18 that won't quit. I recently upgraded the headlights to a pair of those newfangled halogen driving lights. I wanted to put a back up light on, too, but the headlights by themselves are too much for the stator apparently. After 20-30 minutes, they start getting dim and finally just go out. If I keep running the tractor for a bit, I can use the lights again for a while.
What can I do to allow me to use these lights? Should I look for a 25 amp stator? Can I put a small alternator on somehow just to run accesories? Or should I just forget about the lights?
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if there is room just add a larger battery with more reserve capacity, then add a maintaince charger like motorcycles use and charge it overnight before use to keep that battery up

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A lot easier to use bulbs that draw no more amps than your current alternator output. So, if you have a 15 amp output and want to install 3 lamps, the lamps should be 5 amp draw each.

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