2003 10 hp sears Generators w/Tecumseh motor


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2003 10 hp sears Generators w/Tecumseh motor

i have 2003 10 hp sears Generator w/Tecumseh motor
last fall around sep. i was getting my gen ready for winter (for a bad weather) i went and got 8 gal of super unleded gas and some fuel satbil fill my gen up with gas and stabil.
started the gen the gen ran fine i also ran the gen under a load. it ran fine (pulled the load) i shut the fuel off to the motor and let gen run till it quit from a lack of gas. i pulled the gen out of the shead and went to start the gen. it acked weard. with the choke full open the motor will not stay running poping out of the muff.and speeding up and down not smoothing out. so i went got fresh gas (thinking it was bad) i also went and got new spark plug and check the air filter(it was clean ) any help getting this thing running again. and fyi i did not start the gen till now i was in the hospital for almost 2 months and i was to weak to drag it out and try to start it this winter like i normaly do at least once a week.
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Sounds like carb is partically plugged. I would first try adding some Seafoam to the gas. You can find it at any auto parts store.
Also drain the gas (use it in your car) and refill with fresh gas. The gas in the Generator is 6 months old. Todays gas is only good for 30 days. Even Stabil only works for a couple of months with the E-10 gas.

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