Tecumseh LEV-120 engine replacement


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Tecumseh LEV-120 engine replacement

I have a Toro model 20018 and hit a short stump last fall stopping the blade instantly. The motor has been running ruff ever since. Starts but needs to warm up before it runs on its own. Once it runs it runs like its out of balance, like the blade is out of balance. the engine sounds like it is knocking. I have the feeling the cranck or something internally got bent and would cost some bucks to get fixed. Small engine wharehouse hase a LEV120 - 361544-NS motor for $110. Will this replace my motor which is a LEV120 -361542B? My question is 1. is my assumption correct on bent engine parts and 2. are the two different engine specs compatible?
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What happened, which is very common, is you sheared the flywheel key, knocking out the timing, which is why it is knocking. A new flywheel key runs about $1 for the part. Toro/Tecumseh part # 611004 . You have a Tecumseh engine, which any lawn mower shop should have the key. Replacing the key will takea little time as the engine shroud ( and everything attatched to it, including the gas tank), recoil starter, must be removed. Then remove the nut and hit it with a hammer, using a piece of wood on top of the screw so you don't damage the threads, and it should pop loose the flywheel.
You will need to replace the blade as it is bent, causing the un-balance.
No need to replace the motor.
$20 for a new blade, $1 for the flywheel key and 1/2 hour (maybe more depending on your mechanical ability) and you back mowing again.
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While what indy suggests may be true, I suggest checking the crankshaft to see if it is bent before replacing the key which I'm sure is sheared. If the crankshaft is bent, don't bother trying to fix the key as it will still vibrate and shake. Take the spark plug out, blade and blade adapter off, tilt the mower on it's side with the carb side in the air, and have someone pull the rope while you watch the end of the crankshaft turning. If it doesn't turn true, go for another engine. If it does, then you should be fine replacing the key and probable bent blade.

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