Good Price for a Briggs 281707-0191-01???


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Good Price for a Briggs 281707-0191-01???

I am looking at a used Briggs 281707-0191-01 12hp I/C engine. They are asking $225.00 for it - I'm trying not to get scammed and before I go look at it I wanted to run this by the forum. Here's what I know.....

Owner says it a 1988 engine with a newer short block assembly (block, crankshaft, camshaft, valves, piston and ring) in it with approx 50 hrs. on it. Obviously I have no way of proving that, but he says he has the paperwork for the repair so I thought I would try to deduct approx hours from the date of the service. When I looked online I didn't see anyone selling a short block assembly but thats not to say he didn't buy the parts separately.

If I ran a compression test on it what should the reading be?

Assuming I think he's telling the truth - Is this a reasonable price?

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It's extremely difficult to make a value judgment on what you're asking.

Did the owner get a true short block, or just replace all the innards?

Have you seen it run?

What are you putting it on? and is it worth buying a $200+ engine for it?

Is it replacing a like engine that could be repaired for less?

Do you know the owner well? or, at all?

I have an '89 12hp like this that still runs strong, but I've kept it well maintained.

my 2cents.
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It depends on when the repairs were done. This is a 22 year old engine. If repairs were done 10 years ago then you have a 10 year old engine. How good and how old is your tractor?
Compression should be 180lbs on a "new" engine.
For twice the money you can get a brand new engine.

13HP Briggs and Stratton Vertical Powerbuilt Engine

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If I knew there wouldn't be any major modification I would buy a new engine in a heartbeat because I am a little leery about buying a used engine. I am putting the engine on a 1983 JD 111 lawn mower everything else on the mower is in good shape. The used 12hp is pretty much identical to the 11hp I have now. I don't have time if a new engine has to be modified to fit or maybe even the knowledge. Is there anyway to cross reference if an engine would "properly" fit on a JD 111.

Thanks for the input
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If the 11hp fit, the 12hp would certainly fit.
There is a standard industry 'footprint' for this class of engine.
This permits rider companies to install several different makes of motors on their units.
This class of rider will also have pretty much the same crank PTO dimensions as well for the double pulleys.

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