Honda HRR216vxa runs ONLY with full choke


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Honda HRR216vxa runs ONLY with full choke

Originally Posted by jchoroba


You seem to know these Honda mowers very well. This is my first, been a Snapper guy for a long time with good luck. I have several other pieces of equipment with Honda motors on them and have had no problems at all. However, I was original owner of them. This mower was purchased and used once but they left the fuel in it for a very long time.

Anyway, I have a new HRR216vxa that was stored for the winter with gas in it (not by me). The machine was only run once last year so I figure the fuel had been in there for close to a solid year or more. I also figured there would be issues with the carb being gunked up so I removed it, cleaned it (caking in the bowl) completely including the jet and flushed the tank/line with fresh fuel. What was in there had a strong turpentine smell so the gas was definitely bad. All seemed well and it started on the second pull. However, the machine only runs while choked. It immediately shuts down when throttle is moved to the fast position. It purrs like a kitten while choked (doesn't seem to choke out like normal???)but will not run on fast or slow throttle...??? Removed the carb again to verify all was well and it sparkles, fuel coming to the bowl, air blows through the jet but obviously something isn't right.

Any ideas? I am bamboozled since all seems like it should function well. Hope you can help...THANKS!

Joe C.
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Did you install a new spark plug? Hondas are finicky with spark plugs. I would install a Champion.
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I had the same problem after rebuilding the carb. on honda's.Did you replace the gasket between the carb. and the carb.insulator,where they come together.If not this can cause a air leak,causing the motor to run on choke.Replace the gasket and see if that helps.I make my own gaskets.Hope this helps.

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It sounds to me like the carb still has a restriction and needs more cleaning. It could be a gasket or insulator problem as well.

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