Chainsaw will only run with choke


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Chainsaw will only run with choke

I have a Husqvarna 55 rancher that I melted the ring on. I replaced the ring, piston and jug but it still wouldn't run right. (I never changed anything in the bottom end.) It seemed to start and idle fine but not accelerate. I've since replaced the fuel line, fuel filter, air filter, spark plug and rebuilt the carb. Now it seems to start, idle, and even wants to accelerate, but only with the choke on. Which I know isn't right. I'm going to check the fuel line again, but is there any chance this could be seals in the lower end?
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Usually when the crank seals are leaking you'll have starting problems with possible high idle = vacuum leak.

It's probably in the carb = either needing a kit or at least a cleaning.

First, while you have it running, spray a little WD40 around the crank seals and see if the engine changes any.

Then check the exhaust to make sure something from the engine melt down didn't plug it.

Then I would try a little Sea Foam in it to see if that makes any difference.

Then if all is nill, put a carb kit in it.

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