Tecumseh LEV100 sputters/misses until warm


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Tecumseh LEV100 sputters/misses until warm

I have a tecumseh LEV100 340044D engine that sputters and misses until it warms up - then it runs fine. I have cleaned the carb, cleaned all three holes on the bowl nut, changed plug, loosened gas lid, re-adjusted magneto gap, cleaned foam filter and just cant get it to run right when it is cold. Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have not replaced the carb to block gasket as it looked ok.
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The only thing in a small engine that affects the cold running mixture (your engine needs slightly richer) is the choke setting. The rest of the jetting/settings are for warm running. The cold running time is very small.

I would take a look at the choke to make sure it operates normally. I wouldn't take anything else apart if it runs well after it warms up.
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There is no choke on this engine. Just a primer.
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I had the same problem,change the primer bulb and now it runs fine.Hope this helps.


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