Switch to start Brigg&Stratton motor


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Switch to start Brigg&Stratton motor


I built a mudmotor with 7.5 hp Briggs and Stratton motor with electric start. To use the electic start now I touch the wires to the battery to start it. I would like a button to push to start the motor, but I am not sure what kind of switch to get. I thought maybe I could find one cheap on ebay? Any help is greatly appericated.

Thanks in advance,
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Almost any pushbutton switch you find will not handle the amps required to turn the starter.You just need a starter solenoid sold in the lawn mower dept of Lowes or for a little more $ a ford style from an auto parts store and a pushbutton momentary cotact switch.If you buy the one from Lowes be sure it only has one small wire post/connector on it. Run 8 or 10 ga. wire from the batt + post to one of the large lugs on the solenoid. Also run a small(14 or 16 ga) wire from the same lug on the solenoid to one side of the pushbutton sw. Now run a 8 or 10 gauge wire from the other large solenoid lug to the starter lug. Then run a 14 or 16 ga wire from the other side of the pushbutton sw. to the small lug on the solenoid. It will be either a threaded post or blade connector. It should work fine. Be sure the solenoid frame is grounded to either the motor frame or the negative batt post.
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For an engine that size, just pick up a pushbutton switch for a snapper riding mower. It is made to handle the amperage.

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