HONDA HT4213 blown gasket?


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HONDA HT4213 blown gasket?

i was mowing my lawn and the engine stopped. when i restarted it the engine now sporadically spews thick white smoke from the exhaust, i assume coolant. could this be a gasket? do gaskets only sporadically leak coolant into the engine? is this something that i could try to replace myself? did i kill my mower? i need help !
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Hard to know... check for water in the oil. Check the underside of the oil fill cap. Does it have a whitish or peanut butter like substance on it? If so, the head gasket is blown. If not, smell the oil. Does it smell like gas? Have you run a compression test on the cylinders? Try this also: Get it to full operating temp, then shut it down. Let it cool for 30 minutes, then take the spark plugs out and crank the engine while holding a finger just over each spark plug hole. Does your finger get a little wet from water mist coming out either hole? If so, blown head gasket.

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