Craftsman 917-376152 Have to keep pushing primer


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Craftsman 917-376152 Have to keep pushing primer

When the engine is cold I have to prime approx 12 times to start and then keep pushing the primer to keep it running until it warms up. I have cleaned the carb and replaced the gasket and it still dies unless I keep priming.
The gas is fresh. Craftsman Model 917-376152 Walk behind, self propelled.
Thanks ahead for any info you can give me.
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You still have some dirt in the carb. You need to soak the carb in a carb cleaning solution. Make sure you also soak the main jet. Also check the air cleaner housing where the primer is located. Those passageways could be clogged, too.
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Indy is right. I had the same exact issue. I replaced the plug, primer bulb and air filter and it still persisted. I took the carb off and removed the bowl. There was some sediment in the bowl. I emptied that and sprayed inside of the carb down real well with carb cleaner and put it back together. Runs like a champ again!

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