Got a little helper on the way


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Got a little helper on the way

Ok, maybe it's a little off topic, but I am telling everyone that will bend an ear my way. After 16+ years of marriage and resigning to the fact that we may never be able to have a child, the doctor tells my wife she is PREGNANT!!! God has smiled on me once more and I thank him so much for that. To keep this on topic... I gotta find a set of kiddie wrenches to get him/her in the tinkering mood, lol. And maybe one of those "popping ball" lawnmowers so he/she can get comfortable with the idea.
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Well congratulations - boy (or girl), is your life going to change now!

Our very best to you.
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WoW!!! Congrats man

You do need one of those popcorn popping kiddie mowers heheh, no reason for you to miss all the annoyance and disturbance of a toddler mowing your carpet.

So cool, absolute blessing
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Congrats. Best of luck to you Child birth is one of Gods little gifts to men/women.
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Congrats Cheese,, Great to hear... I grew up with Lego & Mechano,but I don't know if it's around any more.. Spend lots of time with your child (boy or girl) & they will find lots of stuff ( & questions )to keep you on your toes...Roger
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Some jobs require endless practice until you get them done successfully.
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Have a good one. Geo
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Got any names picked out?
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congrats cheese
i just had 2 grand child on the 5th.
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Congrats Bob, and thanks you guys. No names picked out yet. Wow, do I have a lot of work to do. My home is not baby proof and a million other things to think of like where to put a nursery, etc...
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little helper

Congrats! I just spent the day with my 2 grandkids. Enjoy-
And Happy Mother's Day to the Mom to be!

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Congratulations!!! Wonderful to hear. I was blessed with a baby boy back in 2007 after many childless years of trying. I hope every one stays healthy and happy. A heads up you might be unaware off, pregnancy will put the Mrs. on a hormonal roller coaster.
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Cheese - congratulations to you and your wife
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Congrats!! That's so exciting. Any names picked out?

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