Riding Mower to go kart


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Riding Mower to go kart

Hi I have a toro wheel horse riding mover 12.5 HP im trying to convert it into a cruiser go kart thing like top speed 20 tops. I have stripped it down to the chassis and created a throttle and everything works. The problem is that its stuck in 1st gear and has been that way when i first got it. What's the best way to gain speed? can i swap pulleys? -Thanx
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Wrong rider height, wrong wheel base, wrong turning radius.You'll shoot your eye out kid.
P.S. welcome to the forums!
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You need to get it in a higher gear, then put a small pulley on the tranny and larger one on the engine. Then you'll have to find a belt that fits and possibly modify the clutch and idler(s) to work well with the different pulleys
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so would i have to open the trans?
and what would i have to change in inside it?
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OK... well, I'm not totally familiar with your Toro, but the basic thing for turning a lawnmower into a go kart was to swap the drive pulleys.... switch the engine output pulley with a rear axle input pulley. I guess not all mowers would have the same configuration, but if the idea is to get more speed out of the thing, take the little pulley off the engine output shaft and put a larger one in it's place. Then hang on for dear life cuz they don't handle worth spit at higher speeds!!! Not ony might you shoot your eye out, you might break your friggin' neck too!
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any idea on how to take off the drive shaft pulley?

nvm- i got it

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You really need to figure out what is wrong with the tranny and why it's stuck in 1st gear. Your best results will be getting the tranny working correctly. Have fun, enjoy the project, but also put some thought into how you are gonna stop from 20 plus MPH.

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