Carburetor on B&S 125K02 0658 E1 engine


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Carburetor on B&S 125K02 0658 E1 engine

Carburetor on B&S 125K02 0658 E1 engine/with primer.
Can't get it primed and started. Is the butterfly supposed to be all the way open open on this primer model when not running?
I soaked the carb twice and cleaned gas tank 6 times and put on new gaskets including the primer housing gasket. Ran a wire thru the primer hole and checked the screen inside the primer. Blew the carb out with air. All carb holes seem to be open. Gas is fresh. And the bowl is full. Gas line is clear. Spark plug is new and dry.
I notice the butterfly is wide open, and wonder if it should be closed until started. Or does it stay open on the primer models?
The primer assembly does not make a good print on parts of the primer gasket. Only good prints are around the bolt holes on the gasket. I am on my 3rd gasket now. Could the primer assembly be warped?
I tried double gaskets and did not help.
My original trouble was I had to keep priming it until it warmed up a little before it would keep running. I had dirt in the tank.

Thanks ahead for any help
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Did you clean the holes in the bottom of the bowl nut(main jet), if you had dirt in the tank, you had dirt in the fuel line and dirt in the bowl which would result in dirt in the main jet. Have a good one. Geo
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Primer problem

Geo, thank you very much for your reply.
I had cleaned and made sure the mj was clear.
I think I have found the problem. I siliconed the carb. where the primer assembly bolts on, making sure to keep the primer hole in the carb clear. Then with the gasket on the plastic primer assembly, bolted it together. Let it dry for 4 hours and then pushed the primer a few times and it started right up. I shut it off right away primed and restarted it ok, then let it warm up a little while and shut it off and it restarted ok.
I am really convinced now that the plastic primer/filter assembly must be warped.
If it should give trouble again I will put a new assembly on.
That thing was driving me crazy. Neighbor widow lady's mower, and the gas can she was using had a lot of crap in it.
She has had primer problems for a long time.
Thanks again

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