Lawn tractor won't move


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Lawn tractor won't move

I tried to cut grass on my Weedeater riding lawn mower today. Grass was on too steep a slope faced head-on. When I tried to back up, the back wheels spun but could not pull me out of the ditch. I shut the engine off and pushed the tractor back onto level ground.

After I restarted the engine and put the tractor in gear, the tractor would not move. I hope I didn't strip out the transmission. If not, what might need to be fixed?

Model # of tractor is HD12538. It's a 38" cut and is similar to a Sears least I can buy some parts there that fit, e.g., blade belt that I just replaced. The tractor is probably 15 to 20 years old, and runs good, etc.


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i would chk the drivebelt make sure it is on all the pullies and idlers and make the cluch /break lock (parking break) is not engaged .
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I don't think the brake is on

He would not have pushed it out of the ditch.
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Problem fixed---Thank you!

Bob, you were right. The drive belt had come off the rear pulley. A neighbor came over and we dropped the mower portion and then rerouted the belt. Now, the machine runs like a top...though the drive belt is very worn, and I should probably replace it, anyway.
Thank you, gentlemen. This DIY site is great!

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