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Stihl 011 chainsaw gas line question

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05-19-10, 03:44 PM   #1  
Stihl 011 chainsaw gas line question

OK, so I got the old saw running, but when I went back to it a month later, it wouldn't start. I removed the air filter and saw that the gas line tube was broken, so I thought, "this should be easy." Hahah. I got some new gas line tubing and found that when I removed the old gas line, it broke at the end and there was some kind of foam (for filtration?) in the end that connected to the hole beside the carburetor. When I put the new gas line into that hole (side where the foam stuff was originally) the tubing was narrower than the hold and didn't fit tightly. I tried clearing the hole with tweezers, but can't really get into it without removing the carburetor. When I just stick the gas line into the hole and try to start the thing, no luck, no gas flow.
Can someone tell me what I'm looking at and what I need to do? The dealer didn't have a carb gasket on hand, so I've been reluctant to remove the carburetor, but I'm thinking that I need to order a new gasket and maybe a carburetor rebuild kit and take the carb out, replace both gas lines. Then first try it without messing with the carburetor and then maybe rebuilding the carb if necessary.
But my main question now is what do I need to be able to connect the new gas line properly? Since I can't see well into this hole where the line goes, I can't tell if there is more to remove and how the gas line connects. I just can't get to it easily without removing the carburetor. Is there a nipple in there to connect to? Am I missing some kind of filter? Do I need a special tool?

Grrrr. The first time is always the worst! If someone has had one of these apart, please advise on how to get this gas line connected properly and get the gas flowing again.

Thanks for any help you can offer. It is much appreciated!

Ian K

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05-19-10, 06:11 PM   #2  
I've had similar experiences with line trimmers. I suppose they save themselves $.05 by using the fuel line to seal the fuel tank hole, but I that can be a pain when the fuel line gets old, you need to pull it out or whatever.

That's the price of having cheaply designed equipment. On the bright side, I bought a spare trimmer to use for spare parts for a few dollars at a thrift shop.

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05-19-10, 10:59 PM   #3  
I wouldn't say a Stihl saw is cheaply designed equipment. In fact, it is about as good as it gets. The 011 has been around awhile, but it's a good one from Germany.

Go ahead and take the carb off so you can see what you're doing. The gasket will probably stay intact, but if not, they are available. The pickup fuel line goes down into the tank to a filter at the bottom. I don't recall exactly what it looks like on that model, but I think it's similar to a 009, and I have one of those in the shop I can look at if you need further help.

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